Tiger Electric & Contractor, LLC

General Contractor, Electrical Contractor and Remodeling Company

Located in New Roads serving New Roads, Port Allen, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas.

Tiger Electric & Contractor, LLC: Process

A letter of commitment will be obtained from clients to secure the purchase of the home before any funds will be disburse for each home unit.

The loans will be used to purchase the lot and construct the home in the domicile of Louisiana. The home will be purchased by families who qualify through governmental or conventional lenders.


Goal: to own a piece of my America

  • Letter of commitment
  • Selection of home
  • Purchase price

Beginning: the start for a dream

  • No work affidavit
  • Sign contract
  • Purchase lot
  • Certificate of elevation
  • Building permit
  • No work certificate

Work: be a active part of the construction

  • Foundation placement
  • Lot survey
  • Inspection


  • Erection of rough structure
  • Inspection

Marking: put your special touch to the home

  • Completion of structure
  • Completion of driveway and lot grading
  • Inspection
  • Lien waivers
  • Closing of purchase
  • Ownership
  • Enjoy
  • Piece of mine